• Values

    Serendipia is a lifestyle you love. We have carefully co-selected the values we believe will help shape a world of universal love, abundance, and fulfillment. Our universal tribe is co-creating most of what we do through:


    Love, share, care, repeat!

    We are open and include everyone who is ready to share and be open-hearted and minded. This is your tribe! Have compassion, unconditional love and integrity for each other. Building deep and honest relationships with open communication.


    Doing good by doing well is possible.

    Think Global, Act Local. Decisions are taking the needs of future generations into account. Opportunities should be equally available regardless of where you are born.


    Men sana in corpore sano.

    A healthy mind in a healthy body. Rebalancing society starts by balancing yourself. Working on your personal peace and well being, embracing art, sports, philosophy and consciousness.


    Your vibes attract your tribe.

    Expect the best from anything in life. You are going to think anyway, so think LIMITLESS and BIG. Luck is not a coincidence anymore as it is where hard work meets opportunity. Luck is an attitude!


    Be your true self; authentic a little weird.

    Be curious and adventurous. It is for the risk takers, embracing change and diversity as a force for happiness and success. It is for creative people and independent thinkers. Be yourself and share your soul’s gift with the world.


    Adapt to this ever changing world.

    Pursue growth, learning and critical thinking. Never stop to perfect your craft. Your mind is your best tool for greater achievements you control what we put into it. Pursuing human flourishment.

  • WeSerendipia is a Universal, Inclusive and Truly Global Family

    It's for everyone and anyone who like:

    A Holistic Lifestyle

    Global Collaboration

    World Peace

    Friends all around the World

    New Systems

    Travel and Exploration


    To Build a Social Cooperative

    Personal Development

    Higher Consciousnesses

  • About WeSerendipia

    With the new blockchain technologies and tools available, NOW is the perfect timing to tokenize this global family of 1000+ members and explore radical new ways of collaborating between human beings. The Serendipia is the first global lifestyle tokenized cooperative of living spaces equipped with a social impact crypto investment fund for a more sustainable, resilient, fun, and innovative world.


    We are a universal boarder-less nation enabling universal basic income and access to housing for a sustainable, fun and innovative world using Ethereum smart contracts.


    Fulfilling and abundant life in a sustainable and resilient world for the flourishment of all the beings and their environment.


    A global cooperative of living spaces with its own investment fund for a more sustainable, fun and innovative world.

    Some context: WeSerendipia family is around since 2014.

    WeSerendipia is a global community of positive creators that has been built over the last three years through meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area and Brussels, a summit in Dubai, an innovation camp in Thailand, a co-living/co-working space in the heart of SF, and a collaborative marketing agency mainly active in western Europe. Initially founded by Jean-Loick Michaux (J-Lo) in San Francisco during the summer 2014, then has been joined by his roommate and classmate Aymard Dudok de Wit in 2015 to co-found Serendipia LImitless Experiences, then in 2016 by Liudas Mikalkevicius (Louis Mikal), met during the Serendipia Forum (Named "Serendipia Startup Survival 201" in 2015 organized as a social club "Serendipia Network HULT Club" with HULT International Business School) to co-found Serendipia Nest in 2016 and the same year joined by Laurent Meert, an old friend and classmate from United Business Institutes to co-found Further Serendipia. Louis and J-Lo are now busy leading the pack to the I.C.O., between Serendipia Nest in Silicon Valley in California (U.S.A.) and the Crypto Valley in Zug (Switzerland), for The Serendipia and enter into a new era of collaboration leveraging on the principles of token economics and blockchain technologies.


    (Below is a picture of the Serendipia Forum (Now called "The OG Serendipia") co-organized in collaboration with the Rise incubator in Bangkok on the 29 of December 2016 during the Serendipia Limitless Innovation Camp Thailand edition.)

  • WeSerendipia Cooperative Eco-System


  • Token: CoSerendipia (CoS)

    CoSerendipia is the token/coin of WeSerendipia cooperative to unite us all and finally bring our global family all together. One coin to be the glue and the heart of our collaboration and shared possibilities. COS is also a poster child token for the real sharing economy. CoNcretly:

    CoLive | CoWork

    Basic Access to Creative and Sustainable Living Spaces


    Utility; Building upon the well-established business model of shared work and living spaces, The Serendipia project transforms traditional office rental into a new-generation community-based ecosystem where one can share, sell or rent out high-quality living and office spaces using Ethereum based digital tokens.



    Basic Access to Income



    Security; The amount of Co-Serendipia you own will equal to a share of the cooperative that you own. Part of the profit of The Serendipia will be redistributed monthly to token holders in pro-rata to the share you own.


    Basic Access to Serendipolis



    Utility; An online platform accessible to members only to propose new projects of sustainable living space exactly like Kickstarter. Serendipians will then vote on their favourite new projects to be built for a sustainable, fun and innovative world.

    CoFinance | CoInvest

    Basic Access to Investments Opportunities



    Security; The fund raised by the sales of token are going straight to the investment fund (Serendipia Crypto Impact Capital - SCIC) owned by the cooperative: The Serendipia. (See next section.)


  • Mutual Fund: Serendipia Crypto Impact Capital (SCIC)

    An investment fund for the social, sustainable, sharing and crypto era. We are going to co-create our portfolio but here is a first overview:

    Stability of Sustainable Estate - 2018 Q2

    From ecovillages to innovative co-living spaces.

    We invest in properties and lands through projects that are being proposed by serendipians. Our objective is to be the leader in sustainable estate building and inspire a new generation of architecture to save the world.

    The Serendipia Franchise Model: Since May 2016, Serendipia Nest has been a home for the crazy ones and especially a constant work in progress with everyday pivoting to finally reach a model of co-living, co-working that inspirational, sustainable, fun and especially scalable to more properties worldwide.

    Profitability of Crypto Assets - 2018 Q2

    A new asset class is born.

    We invest part of the fund in cryptocurrencies, also called digital assets to increase of overall return of the fund. Looking to apply neural networks to crypto trading to automate and optimize the return for every serendipians. Anyone of you expert in that field? Reach out please

    Social Impact of SDGs Cooperatives - 2019 Q3

    Do your ICO in the first blockchain for sustainable development: Serendipolis

    Have an idea of social cooperative you want to work on? Submit your project to The Serendipia. on Serendipolis We only accept projects tackling one or more of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by the United Nations. Enjoy a global family of support to make your dreams a reality and reproduce the cooperative model of The Serendipia on Serendipolis (Our online blockchain platform) for a transparent governance and sharing the ownership, earnings. Our SDGs cooperatives will first focus on quality education, decent access to economic opportunities and decent housing.

  • Online Platform: Serendipolis, An Online City

    This is the blockchain for sustainable development. An online/virtual city for all the serendipians to have fun and change the world together. You could also consider this a collaborative platform or an advanced and customized social network in the blockchain.


    Built on top of Ethereum's blockchain and leveraging the power of smart-contracts

    Secure and Encrypted Cryptocurrencies

    and Co-Serendipia Wallet

    Community Management Software

    If you are one of the gifted Serendipia community leader as you just got funded, manage your local community using our ready-to-use software with its community management tools to build your own community.

    Fund your Serendipia Living Space

    Propose your living space project to the community and get funded to launch it.

    Individualized Profile Driven by your Passions and Causes

    Create your profile and gain access to other serendipians profile to start co-learning from each other, share your passions and build your dreams.

    Kickstarter for SDGs Cooperatives

    Propose your project of social cooperative related to the SDGs and get funded, Kickstarter-like.

    Mobile Application

    ​Ideal for the lifestyle of millennials, digital nomads and other digital natives. 

    Gamified Platform

    Earn more Co-Serendipia by being a frequent user.

    User Generated Content

    Earn more Co-Serendipia by creating content for the Serendipia Magazine, a blog for our new world that will be the landing page of Serendipolis.

  • Board of Directors

    The board is responsible for determining and systematically arranging all the main factors to achieve the goals and objectives of the business. In a cooperative, the board is responsible to its members as users rather than to investors whose first objective is to maximize profits.

    Jean-Loïck Michaux


    Also called J-Lo, "Humanitarian at heart" is an understatement when talking about what Jean-Loick wants to leave as a legacy. Through The Serendipia, his objective has always been to build a playground to change the world one being and system at a time. LinkedIn

    Naureen Nayyar

    Head of Advisory Board

    Hyper Island, ex-United Nations, ex-Global Humanitarian Lab, Standing Rock activist. We also call Naureen, the ruler of the light forces. Her commitment to improve the human condition has be proven to be restless. LinkedIn

    Liudas Mikalkevicius


    Liudas, also Louis Mikal, is a builder from Lithuania. Co-Founded Serendipia Nest. Passionate about abundant and sustainable living. One of his dream is to see new kind of cities such as those as Walt Disney dreamed of, becoming a reality. LinkedIn

    Min Kim

    PR / SF Meetup Organizer

    Min used to be the head of PR for Draper University. She is organizing our blockchain meetups welcoming 100+ crypto fans every 2 weeks at Serendipia Nest in SF. LinkedIn

    Zane Whiterspoon

    Strategic Advisor

    Ethereum Meetup San Francisco Co-Organizer. Founder HappyChain ; Consulting company in Ethereum based smart contracts.

    David Passiak


    David Passiak is a keynote speaker, innovator, futurist, and author of three books - Empower, Disruption Revolution, and Red Bull to Buddha. David was a mentor already for Serendipia Limitless Innovation Camp in Thailand, which led him to work with the Thai government. LinkedIn

    Chloé Eggimann

    Operational Consultant/ Community Manager 

    Graduated from the finest hospitality school in the world: "Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne(E.H.L.)". Chloé. Working from the Serendipia Nest she has been managing the community and working on establishing processes quality controls and systems for smooth operations. LinkedIn

    Laurent Meert

    Product Manager

    Further Serendipia

    Laurent is a mobile app and web developer with expertise in business management. His creative passion make of him a perfect product manager for beautifully crafted startups. LinkedIn

    Camille Rabier

    Project Manager

    Further Serendipia

    Camille had the soul of an entrepreneur. While building her own startup she is helping serendipians achieve their dreams through our Further Serendipia agency. LinkedIn

    Aymard Dudok de Wit

    Investor/ Advisor/

    Co-Founder Limitless

    Aymard co-founded the Limitless branch of Serendipia. Now full time crypto investor and nomadic. He is one of our first investor and stayed an active advisor to The Serendipia. LinkedIn

    Yansou Girard

    Visual Designer

    UX/UI designer from Québec, Canada who now lives
    in the Bay Area at Serendipia Nest. Yansou has been in communicating The Serendipia vibes to the world through her beautiful artwork over the last year. She is also a UI/UX designer for Revjet in Silicon Valley. LinkedIn

    Yada Pruksachatkun

    Thai Ambassador

    Yada lived at Serendipia Nest and is now of our friend and ambassador in Thailand. At 18, she has gone to the world's first traveling high school, worked at the MIT Media Lab, been the first Thai teenager to found and run an organization in Thailand, and pitched in front of executives to the world's most powerful companies as a 2015 Global Teen Leader as well as on a Tedx stage. LinkedIn

    Felix Plakolb

    Movie Maker

    Felix is a talented photographer and movie maker. Master in international management and part of the CEMS global alliance in management. Felix has been key in communicating our experiences in Dubai during the Serendipia Limitless Rendez Vous and during the Innovation Camp in Thailand. LinkedIn

    Hassan Ali Ahmad

    Dubai Ambassador

    Legal expert. Hassan is an international trader and real estate entrepreneur located in Dubaï. His strong network in Dubai helped us to make of the first Serendipia Limitless Summit a success. LinkedIn


    We are hiring, contact us if

    you are expert in cyber security, community management, cooperative governance, software engineering, and/or project management.

  • Some of 1000+ Serendipians and Friends

    "In any cases, you can check-in at Serendipia but you will never want to check-out of that black hole of happiness."

    Naureen Nayyar, head of the Serendipia advisory board

    Elsa Perakis

    Dwayne Samuels

    Soraya Ferahtia

    James Da Costa

    Sandra Goersh

    Mei Wen

    Garrett McDonald

    Khadija Hamouchi

    Boris Kolev

    Antonia Liu

    Carlos Lei Santos

    Claire Hultin

    Rodolfo Graziani

    Louison Dumont

    Phil Michaels

    Selvina Degara

    Liz Ribot

    Chase Boehringer

    Emmanuel Guisset

    CEO/Founder Outsite

    Joe McKinney

    Adrien Montcoudiol

    Maxime Braud

  • We support the Global Goals/Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    In September 2015, during the UNGA, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development at the United Nations in New York. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. Our governments have a plan to save our planet…it’s our job to make sure they stick to it. The Serendipia through its tokenized network and ecosystem is focusing on:

    All The Serendipia living spaces focus on building sustainable and resilient communities as a force for good.

    Every holders of our token Co-Serendipia will have a basic access to living spaces, earnings, cooperative and job creation. 

    All the living spaces that are going to be built or bought will have maximum energy efficiency and we aim at 0 CO2 emission from the first one. IE: we are looking into building walls out of mushrooms that will clean the air.

    We connect key players through our global network of partnerships to solve global issues

  • Quality, Security and Know-How is our Priority

    The Serendipia is committed to surround itself with only the best, experts and leaders in anything it does. That is why, The Serendipia is currently being incorporated in Zug, Switzerland - the heart of Crypto Valley. Worldwide leaders in blockchain legislation and finance. The Serendipia (corporation) is going to own the SCIC (Serendipia Crypto Impact Capital) that is being incorporated as a standard investment fund.


    Serendipians owning tokens will own a share in the corporation which will equal to a share of the profit redistributed generated by the fund, as explained in the "Co-Serendipia(COS)" section.

  • Because changing the world should be a celebration!


The present Terms of Use set forth the terms and conditions of participation at Serendipia Limitless events organized by Serendipia, LLC.

The participation in our events is available for individuals aged 16 years or older.

Payment conditions
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No refund, if the event is cancelled due to acts of God or restricted due to factors beyond our control, you will still have access to the re-scheduled event, if possible.

To participate in our events you are required to have an insurance that will cover you internationally in case of any accident
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