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    This is for entrepreneurs, artists, risk takers, lifelong learners, digital nomads, change makers and those challenging the status quo.

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    Lifestyle for Positive Inventors of this universe

    A cozy-lounge sanctuary where art meets technology, sustainability and new ideas take place. We are the home for the misfit and the creatives. We are a place of accelerating serendipity where intellects from around the world are crossing path to increase their level of consciousness. We don't neglect the value of men sana in corpore sano. A healthy lifestyle AKA sport activities, healthy food, drinks, lumino therapy and good music will triple your level of focus and productivity.

    Weekly events and gatherings

    Meet creators, entrepreneurs and changemakers from Silicon Valley during our weekly speakers events, Tea Lounge, creative sessions, barbecues and potlucks. ​

  • Serendipia Life locations you can currently live in.

    We've got a top notch collection of coliving houses!

    Serendipia Powell Nest

    ​Located on the iconic Joe di Maggio Square, 3 blocks away from the 1st location.

    Join us, apply here.

    Join your new nest of serendipity ideally located in downtown San Francisco with a walkability score of 99%.

    Serendipia Union Nest

    Our 1st location on Union and Powell in front of stunning Washington Square.

    Join us, apply here.

    Launched in 2016, the first Serendipia Nest has been the HQ of the Serendipia community for four years. Walkability score of 100%.

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  • Mutual Fund: Serendipia Crypto Impact Capital (SCIC)

    An investment fund for the social, sustainable, sharing and crypto era. We are going to co-create our portfolio but here is a first overview:

    Stability of Sustainable Estate - 2018 Q2

    From ecovillages to innovative co-living spaces.

    We invest in properties and lands through projects that are being proposed by serendipians. Our objective is to be the leader in sustainable estate building and inspire a new generation of architecture to save the world.

    The Serendipia Franchise Model: Since May 2016, Serendipia Nest has been a home for the crazy ones and especially a constant work in progress with everyday pivoting to finally reach a model of co-living, co-working that inspirational, sustainable, fun and especially scalable to more properties worldwide.

    Profitability of Crypto Assets - 2018 Q2

    A new asset class is born.

    We invest part of the fund in cryptocurrencies, also called digital assets to increase of overall return of the fund. Looking to apply neural networks to crypto trading to automate and optimize the return for every serendipians. Anyone of you expert in that field? Reach out please

    Social Impact of SDGs Cooperatives - 2019 Q3

    Do your ICO in the first blockchain for sustainable development: Serendipolis

    Have an idea of social cooperative you want to work on? Submit your project to The Serendipia. on Serendipolis We only accept projects tackling one or more of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by the United Nations. Enjoy a global family of support to make your dreams a reality and reproduce the cooperative model of The Serendipia on Serendipolis (Our online blockchain platform) for a transparent governance and sharing the ownership, earnings. Our SDGs cooperatives will first focus on quality education, decent access to economic opportunities and decent housing.

  • Our members come from 50+ countries so far, they build startup, they improve the world, they contribute to society in meaningful ways, and we mostly have fun!

    "In any cases, you can check-in at Serendipia but you will never want to check-out of that black hole of happiness."

    Naureen Nayyar, head of the Serendipia advisory board

    Elsa Perakis

    Dwayne Samuels

    Soraya Ferahtia

    James Da Costa

    Sandra Goersh

    Mei Wen

    Garrett McDonald

    Khadija Hamouchi

    Boris Kolev

    Antonia Liu

    Carlos Lei Santos

    Claire Hultin

    Rodolfo Graziani

    Louison Dumont

    Phil Michaels

    Selvina Degara

    Liz Ribot

    Chase Boehringer

    Joe McKinney

    Adrien Montcoudiol

    Maxime Braud

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