• The Solutionners of Serendipia

    We've got a top notch team!

    Jean-Loïck Michaux

    Founder & CEO

    Ms. Social Entrepreneurship

    HULT Business School

    Draper University

    YC Startup School

    Qasim Asad Salam

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Founder of Creativ Morph

    Eduard Bolmosov


    Powell Nest Investor

    Draper University

    YC Startup School

  • Serendipia Life is a Techstars and BSH Future Homes accelerator portfolio company


  • About the Founder

    Instilling a work hard, play hard culture in the Serendipia company.

    "Life is always an adventure if you let it be."

    Jean-Loïck Michaux is a pioneer in the social innovation space, and is the founder and CEO of Serendipia Life, Inc. They make coliving affordable, well organized, scalable and fun. He is passionate about coliving as he believes it can solve the housing crisis and connect people together in a time where loneliness has never been higher in the US.


    In 2019, Serendipia was named 3rd most investable company of “Batch Spring 2019" at Draper University at the Demo Day. He also received the 2nd place of the best AMA of the year 2019 on Hackernoon.


    Jean-Loïck's passion for social innovation can be traced back to his volunteering experience in Cape Town with EF Education First, where he spent significant time working on helping the kids in urban slums. Influenced by Mohammad Yunus and Buckminster Fuller, he aspires to build systems that will bring prosperity for everyone in harmony with nature.

    Attitude Is Everything 💥💥💥

  • Values


    Doing good by doing well is possible.

    Think Global, Act Local. Decisions are taking the needs of future generations into account. Opportunities should be equally available regardless of where you are born.


    These homes for Solutions is your closest group of friends. Share everything and especially the love with one another.


    Love, share, care, repeat!

    We are open and include everyone who is ready to share and be open-hearted and minded. Building deep and honest relationships with open communications.


    Men sana in corpore sano.

    A healthy mind in a healthy body. Rebalancing society starts by balancing yourself. Working on your personal peace and wellbeing. embracing art, sports, philosophy and consciousness.


    Adapt to this ever changing world.

    Pursue growth, learning and critical thinking. Never stop to perfect your craft. Your mind is your best tool for greater achievements and you control what you put into it. Pursuing human flourishment.


    Be your true self; authentic, and a little weird.

    Be curious and adventurous. It is for the risk takers, embracing change and diversity as a force for happiness and success. It is for creative people and independent thinkers. Be yourself and share your soul's gift with the world.


    Love is always the answer.

    Unconditional love for yourself and the ones you care about will go a long way towards a happy and successful life.

  • We support the Global Goals/Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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