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  • Trailer Serendipia Limitless Innovation Camp in Thailand

    Our goal was to bring 40 solutioners from around the world to help co-create solutions with 3 Thai local social entreprises.

  • What is the Serendipia Limitless Innovation Camp?

    Serendipia Limitless Innovation Camps combines the concept of a hackathon and an accelerator into collaborative experiences around the world to directly co-create with local communities. Bringing resources, skills and talents to accelerate working local social businesses that will help achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030.


    Our Innovation Camp brings together a group of 40 international solutionners (entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, social innovators, students, etc.) to co-create and accelerate social impact projects in partnership with local startups. Solutionners spend 8 days together building prototypes in a retreat setting featuring training, mentorship, and workshops from globally recognised entrepreneurs.


    Serendipia partners with early-stage social entrepreneurs trying to do good in their local markets that might need help with exposure, capital, and cutting edge expertise. Each group benefits from workshops around entrepreneurship, design thinking, and mindfulness, as well as the shared experiences and cultural exchanges from collaborating together on projects with social impact.



    We’re bringing 40 people together for one week, exploring deep collaboration and play outside of our everyday lives, hosting a destination innovation camp. The experience will combine deeper intelligence, travel, new experiences, and exotic food, all the while working to solve a pressing social issue.


    Our team is coming together as an emotional and intellectual collective to form one entity, driven by all Solutionners, not only working on the local issues at hand, but also experimenting with leadership and organizational structures which move the power from the few to the many, questioning the merits of hierarchy, working to build a more distributed, equitable world for all.

  • Inaugural Serendipia Limitless Rendez-Vous in Dubai

    for New Year

    It was a global summit for changemakers.


    Check out the Official Aftermovie

  • Bring Serendipia Limitless to your country

  • Serendipia Limitless Innovation Camp 

    Thailand Edition in Numbers


    accelerated Local Thai Social Enterprises using our innovation curriculum based on Stanford's d.school methodology


    Solutionners (entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, social innovators, students, etc.) from 20 different nationalities selected out of a hundred applicants


    Unforgettable Days: 27 Dec 2016 - 4 Jan 2017

    staying at the Chatrium Hotel Riverside twin rooms in Bangkok, visiting local communities, brainstorming at the HUBBA co-working, staying at the Simple Life Resort in Koh Tao and celebrating New Year on a tropical island's beach!

    $USD 1000.00-

    Tuition Fee

    Included accommodation, curriculum, workshops, breakfasts, new year party, opening and closing dinner, transportation from Bangkok to Koh Tao and back, boat transfers to island, friends for life, social impact created, a transformational experience and much more.

  • The 3 Thai Social Enterprises that took part in our program!

    We learned and applied our social innovation curriculum on their business model!

    Local Alike

    Meaningful experiences for travelers and locals alike.

    Local Alike support the growth of community-based tourism and sustainable tourism activities that will empower holistic development and self-reliance of local communities by providing consultation on building business models, tour operations, marketing channels and other travel service related activities.


    They are dedicated to make tourism a true meaningful experience for travellers and locals alike in terms of income generation, economic opportunities, preservation of local wisdoms, natural conservation and increased cross-cultural understanding

    Career Visa

    Career development for students to pursue a fulfilling career

    Career Visa looks at skills & motivation to help students on identifying their career motivation side. Through a network of career coaches, Passion Decode events along with other 300 students or listening to their passion journey our online career library Career Insider.


    At the same time they provide their tool Career Design, which is now integrated in the curriculum of a school at Thammasat University and soon in Chulalongkorn called Career Design. This tool helps students develop self-awareness skills and also equip them with a design thinking approach towards their career.

    Plant D

    Urban Farming Kits

    Plant D supplies cities with safe & affordable organic vegetable from an easy home grown farms designed for elderly fun-food-finance hobby.


    By using a location mapping mobile application to form into the large urban micro-farming network and sales to closest customer place.

  • Who attended Serendipia Limitless Innovation Camp in Thailand?

    A top notch team of serendipians came together to co-create

    Elliott Adams


    Coach, Mentor and Speaker

    Author Startup Mixtape

    Mentor Tech Stars, Teacher Babson College and HULT International Business School


    Suprinya Kunta


    Advisor, Speaker, Mentor​

    Serial social entrepreneur in Thailand


    David Passiak

    Co-Creator, Mentor, Coach, Serendipia Community Advisor​

    Founder of Social Meditate, and author of Red Bull to Buddha, Disruption Revolution and Empower





    Hackathon Organizer and Tech Specialist



    Wellesley College

    Yansou Girard

    Co-Creator, Designer​

    Interactive Designer at revjet.com

    Tony Aube

    Co-Creator, Designer

    Designer at award winning educational games system playosmo.com

    Felix Plakolb

    Movie Maker

    Phakwisa Bemine Nitsoonkit


    Master of Social Entrepreneurship from HULT International Business School

    Ethan Levy


    Failure Coach at FailUp

    Supreeya Noon Charoenvanich


    Master of Social Entrepreneurship from HULT International Business School

    James Da Costa


    Co-Founder at Mandala Group​

    Paresh Kumar Patel


    Founder & CEO of Oasis Enterprises

    Maciek Kowalski


    Consultant, People and Organisation (Tax & Legal) at PwC

    Caroline Gutman


    Fulbright Research Fellow

    Nidhi Pant


    Co-Curator TEDxICTMumbai

    Priyash Bista


    Co-founder and Director at Project Stoke


    de Kerchove


    Student at UBI Brussels​

    Adam Siddiq


    Millennial Peak Performance Leader & Host of The Soulfully Optimized Life

    Prakash Koirala


    US Embassy Youth Council Member and Financial Literacy Comic Books Publisher

    Isaac Miranda


    Business Strategy Consultant with a focus on using data and analytics to target the millennial market

    Ariff Hew


    President of Student Council at HELP University

    Nikos Kostopoulos


    Project Coordinator at Youth Business Network

    Laura Harris


    General Practitioner Doctor at RS PMI Bogor

    Gwen Yi


    Story-teller, Gap-filler and Dot-connector www.gwenyi.com

    Hélène Timoshkin


    Consultant in Economics Intelligence at Astères

    Lino Baccini


    Co-founder at Massimmo Real Estate

    Karen Diaz


    Shawn Cheng


    Co-Founder at DeUX

    Naga Trinadh


    Deputy Head of the Special Interest Groups, Commonwealth Youth Council 2016


    Dudok de Wit


    Serendipia Limitless

    Previous startup scaleup consultant

    Jean-Loïck Michaux

    Founder Serendipia

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